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The Easy Listening Way to Recovery

Scotpod Radio
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Home How it All Began Community News Scotpod Radio Our Patron Opportunities Contact Us Management Team
How it All began...

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Scotpod Radio

2001 was a year to remember; at the height of my career, I was thrilled to be recognized for the ‘work and achievements in broadcasting in Scotland ‘ I had done and was invited to meet the Queen at Buckingham Palace. It was an amazing day and I will always treasure this memory.

Sadly though, 2010 is also a year I remember; this was when I suffered a major Stroke.  The effects left me with slurred speech and unable to walk and at first, I thought, that’s it, my career and life is over!. Devastating as it was, I will not let it control my life; I am determined to fight it, and it’s amazing how you can adapt.

“Life after Stroke” is a slow, frustrating process, but so far with the many hours of speech and physiotherapy, I have managed to recover my voice and walk again, albeit with the help of a walking aid.

I am determined to “carry on as normal” I even sought to resume my radio career, but found that certain doors had sadly been closed to me; so, armed with enthusiasm and an ‘idea’ I converted my garage into a “star-trek themed” radio station… from which I and a team of volunteer presenters broadcast SCOTPOD RADIO ; a wide variety of music styles, broadcasting via the Internet as a web based radio station program.

There is something for everyone’s taste in music and entertainment


This part of my journey is still growing and has become an essential part of my ‘recovery program’ and so I would like to welcome you to SCOTPOD RADIO.

“The Easy Listening Way to Recovery”


Two unforgettable years
Its amazing how you can adapt

determined to “carry on as normal”


I began my career as a radio presenter over 30 years ago and have had the privilege of working at numerous radio stations, such as Westsound, Central FM and BBC Radio Scotland. As well as radio presenting, I  have also had my own cable television show, which was great fun and you may or may not know, that I regularly featured as the “desk sergeant” in the TV series Taggart.”